Klingon, often referred to as Klingonese, is the language spoken by the Klingons in the Star Trek universe. The language was created by Marc Okrand, Jon Povill and James Doohan.
Okrand stated in a book that his intention was for the language to sound ‘alien’. The first words and sounds were created by actor James Doohan who played ‘Scotty’ and producer Jon Povill. Before Okrand created the entire language, Klingon would be seen speaking English to each other on screen.

The vocabulary of the language is mostly centered around spacecraft and Warcraft.  The language has many phonological and grammatical features. Okrand tried to avoid common patterns in the language. Some vowels and their pronunciation are similar to Spanish and Japanese at some times, while other vowels might appear to be pronounced the English way, but are not.
And while many sounds and grammatical rules were taking from existing languages, mixing them made them sound ‘alien’.
The sounds were supposed to sound harsh and rather guttural.
Verbs take a prefix to indicate the number and person of the subject and the object. The word order is object – verb – subject, in most cases it is the exact opposite of English.  

Below is a picture of the Klingon alphabet as created by Marc Okrand, many different Klingon alphabets have since popped up in the movies. 

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