The goal was for Atlantean to be a ‘mother language’, majorly inspired by Sumerian and North American languages. When talking about a ‘mother language’ they mean for Atlantean as a Tower of Babel language, from which all other languages descended. In movie canon it has existed before 100,000 B.C..
In interviews Marc Orkrand has said that the inspiration for the words came from Indo-European languages like Latin and Greek, but also Biblical Hebrew.

The language is written in boustrophedon: the first line is read from left to right, the second line from right to left and the third one from left to right, this continues.
The boustrophedonic system was accepted right away, it has a back-and-forth movement just like water, which plays a major role in the story of Atlantis.

The numerals are based on Mayan numerals.

The language has a subject – object – verb order, adjectives follow the noun that has been modified. And it has a stressed-syllable-based vowel system.