Language Awareness 3

Dream Language

Compare the content with your answer to assignment 2.3. what do you think?

According to the article, dreams do not need a language to occur. Because of your wide imagination, language can not always be used to show/describe what is going on. 

I am sure that this is true in a lot of cases and I have probably had dreams without language. But most of the time I do remember dream me, or whoever I was dreaming as, communicating in a certain language. But then again, does body language count when you talk about dream language. 


What is Language Awareness?

Describe the relevance of language awareness for you as a teacher (200-300 words)

Being a language teacher, you will need to know more than just the vocabulary and grammar rules of a language. Continuously developing your speaking, writing and reading skills is required in order to teach your pupils everything they need to know.
Knowing about the development of the language, will help you understand it better. This counts both for teachers and their pupils. If you are learning or teaching something you need to know about its history to understand why it has come to be like it is now.
Becoming more aware of a language helps preventing miscommunication after all, not everyone thinks the same way like you and it is very easy to misinterpret something that is being said. It is important for your pupils, and everyone in general, to understand what effect your choice of words might have on other people.
Language awareness can also help you in the future understanding deeper meanings during political debates.
Paying enough attention to language awareness during classes will help pupils prepare themselves for the future, for political, educational and social aspects of their life.   

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