Dragonish, also known as Dovahzul, is the language spoken by Dragons and the ancient Nords who learned their language in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
According to some online forums the person who put the language together is Emil Pagliarulo and the person who came up with the way the words were written is Adam Adamowicz.

The language has thirty-four letters and is partially inspired by Old English, the writing was inspired to look like it was done by a dragon’s claw.

Other influences of the language were Icelandic and German. As mentioned above, when the written script was being made it was important to make it look as if a dragon could make it. If you look up the Cuneiform script you can clearly see where the influence came from.

Dovah grammar is almost exactly the same as English grammar. If you wanted to write something in Dovah, you could write an English sentence and translate it word by word.


Fans have also created a translator that translates from English into Dovahzul and from Dovah into English.
Tiid wah mindos Dovahzul!