Myth 1

Myth 1: The meaning of words should not be allowed to change

Languages change all the time. Languages like Latin are the exception, since those languages aren’t spoken by anyone. While it is not only the meaning that changes through the years, the grammar or pronunciation in languages changes as well.
There are people who would prefer the words to keep their original meaning, especially when it comes to borrowed words. This is in fact not preventable. The more people use a word a certain way, the more accepted it becomes. Languages are self-regulated and will take care of themselves. As long as people want to communicate with each other, as long as they want to understand each other, language will change.


I personally agree with this. Languages will always change, isn't that how some languages came to exist? Languages have always borrowed words from others, there's no reason to be mad about it.
Languages are just different sounds humans have made to describe things and sometimes you need a new sound to describe something, sometimes you find different and easier ways to say something. That's great. The change happens slowly over an extended period of time, if you don't like that then don't use it, but don't judge others for it.