Myth 2 

Myth 2 Some Languages are Just Not Good Enough.

There are many differences in the use to which many languages are put. For example, most language are a community’s first language, they serve for their everyday functions. Other languages are more restricted when it comes to their use. Latin is a great example and was mostly used by the Roman Catholic Church. English is the official language in many states and nations and has a huge international role in tourism and business.
Sadly, there are some languages that are considered inferior, those are often languages spoken by the indigenous people of a country that has been colonised. Nowadays the opportunity to learn them is bigger than several decades ago, this is to prevent them from going extinct. 
As to why some languages aren’t good enough. Certain languages are also considered rude or barbaric. You cannot discuss certain technology or modern science without borrowing words from other languages. But this happens to be something that most languages, even English, have been doing for centuries.


The idea that some languages aren't good enough because they don't have the proper terminology to explain how a car engine works or to explain in great detail what a rocket scientist does is quite ridiculous. By that reasoning English would have been a bad language centuries ago, those words didn't exist back then but people came up with them. That's how languages work, you find a way to describe something. 
And considering some languages are inferior because not many people use them is in some cases rather selfish. Especially coming from native English speaker, since their ancestors were usually the reason people were forbidden from speaking in their native tongues. 

As long as people can hold a conversation in a language it is good enough. 

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