Teaching Language 2

How will I teach language?

I feel like the commutative method is a good one, since it focuses on communicative skills which will be useful for the students’ future. Immersion is in my opinion one of the best ways to learn a language, but I do not know how far schools are willing to go for that.

During my classes as little Dutch as possible will be spoken. Whenever the students ask something in Dutch I will ask them to try it in English. If they do not know what to say, that’s not a problem, after all they are there to learn. Difficult things will be explained in Dutch if that’s easier for them, but towards the end of the schoolyear I want to be able to hold my lessons almost completely in English.
The course books that I have seen usually have a nice setup when it comes to themes, from holiday to family to work, they often discuss other important themes. While I don’t want to strictly follow the course book, it is a nice basis to go from. To see what assignments I can use and which ones I will need to tweak a little (or a lot).
I want the assignments to be active, include some roleplay but also make use of objects and visuals. Something that will help them remember what they are being taught. The activities should be cognitively demanding, but also fun enough to make sure everyone participates. I want to give the students a positive feeling when it comes to learning English, so that they will try to surround themselves with more English in their free time. That can be through books, music or movies. As long as they pay attention to new, difficult vocabulary.

My views might change in the future, but I know that I don’t want to be a teacher that barely speaks any English in class, who only does course book assignments and who is the only one talking (holding monologues) in class.


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