Myth 8 

Myth 8 Children Can’t Speak or Write Properly Any More

Complaining about the state of the English language is something that has been happening for centuries now. People would always complain about the language decline, it is said that this decline is associated with moral decline (degeneration).  It has always been believed that the younger generation is at fault. Yet when it comes to their speaking abilities of the language and especially their reading and writing abilities, they are usually above average when compared to the older generations.
They want the younger generation to use ‘standard English’, which is usually used by upper and upper-middle classes who are a minority of the population. Other versions of English are considered wrong. This has something to do with social discrimination, regional speech isn’t considered good enough.


I don't think this is true. Yes, I know people who don't write or speak properly when talking to their peers, but in formal situations they know how to speak properly. Young people are always the victim when it comes to people who are against language change. It makes sense that it's easier for younger people to adapt to these changes, others who haven't adapted to this might consider it wrong. 
If you have enough money to fund your education, then of course you might speak more proper according to some people. Upper class people have more sources available that help them learn how to use standard English, yet they do not seem to understand that they are part of a minority and that their experiences with language are not universal. Not everyone has the same privileges. 

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