Myth 11 

Myth 11 Italian is beautiful, German is ugly.

Some languages are considered more aesthetically pleasing than others, even if the language in question isn't spoken by the person having this opinion, this happens especially among many English-speakers. Italian is considered elegant, French is romantic, but German and Arabic for example are considered harsh and ugly.
People’s opinion on certain languages is based on whether the speakers of the language are associated with poverty and not being educated or with being wealthy and cultured. The views on whether a language or dialect is beautiful or not are based on cultural norms and social connotations.


Sadly I know how true this is. But I honestly think it just has something to do with understanding the language and by the person in question being a naturally fast/slow speaker. If you know what is being said you don't need the time to figure out what is going on. When you don't speak the language you might want to figure out what the person is saying, but by the time you have an idea they have already moved on to the next language. Even the flow of the words might make one language sound more elegant than the other, which has a lot to do with the pronunciation.
Then again, it also makes lots of sense that people's opinions are based on their cultural views of the language speakers. We drive through Germany several times every year, I speak and understand the language and I've never understood why some people dislike it. It might come from the idea that Germans are strict, from its dark past or just from memes that have been spread online. They don't actually know what the people and country are like, but have already formed their own opinion.

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