Myth 13 

Myth 13 Black children are verbally deprived.

African-American children are often considered to be verbally deprived.  There are many differences in the varieties of English, those differences may correlate with ethnicity. At any time when people from different cultures come together, the languages that reflect these cultures often mix and adapt.
According to ‘the linguistic inferiority principle’, the speech of the socially subordinate group will be considered inadequate in comparison to and by the socially dominant group.
Some people believe that the differences in speech are racially or anatomically based, but that is not true.
There is also another myth about the ‘nonverbal’ African-American child, but it is important to remember that many children don’t know what to do or say when they are around adults they do not know.
Black culture is a highly verbal culture where development of verbal skills is extremely valued. Relationships of social and political inequality often lead to misconceptions of such things.

There are so many different accents/ manners of speaking in the different regions of the US, AAVE is one of them and should be accepted.

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