Myth 15 

Myth 15 Tv makes people sound the same

Why languages change isn’t known, but a lot of people claim it’s because of the television. While the media is often the cause of spreading new vocabulary, it doesn’t play a major role in the change of sound and grammar. They all watch TV, yet people from different backgrounds do not sound the same. Chances are bigger that people will pick up new things from people we meet, be it travelers, neighbors or friends who live further away. When you talk to them it is highly possibly that you unconsciously pick up some of their manners of speech.


I think if you watch a lot of programs where people speak only one certain American accent you might pick some of it up, but that's it. Tv spreads new vocabulary and makes people aware of it, but that's it. Just like with journalism, it doesn't change anything, they pay attention to what is being said and use it. 

When talking to new people it is much easier to notice difference manners of speaking and the more you talk to them, the bigger the change that you may adapt your manner of speaking as well. I have noticed that if I talk a lot to one certain friend I do adapt their manner of speaking. When going through my One Direction fase and watching many of their youtube videos I did adapt some different British slang, but I didn't start sounding like them.